It is common for Shop owners to put items on sale after the holiday season to clear out inventory. Siggy can help this by prioritizing on-sale items in its recommendation.

For example, below is the default recommendations generated by Siggy:

Default recommendation

Notice that two of the items recommended are on sale. However, the top two recommendations are not.



You can now perform additional customization to the recommendation widget with the price display toggle.

(Recommendation widget with price displayed)

To enable the price display, see the video below:

(Price display configuration)

Multi-currency support

Our widget supports shops that accept multiple currencies. However, the currency format may be displayed differently depending on how you set your primary store language.

For example, if your store’s primary language is configured as “English” and the user selects Danish Krone (DKK) as their currency. It will be displayed as “DKK 258.05



Chang Xiao

Chang Xiao


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